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An Inspiring Woman with a Powerful Message. Cheryne Blom has made a significant difference to Australian women, helping them rediscover their optimism and guiding them through life’s trials. A voice of clarity, reason and inspiration, Cheryne’s talent in thought leadership has made her a much respected and sought after speaker in both corporate and educational settings. “My background in Psychology and leader of counselling workshops has led me to develop important key programs for people in need of support and guidance – which is all of us at some time in our lives” said Cheryne.

From “The 7 Key Emotions to Build Resilience” to “The Awakened Self” Cheryne presents life changing strategies in a clear and accessible way to help individuals manage their work, life, family, career and relationship issues better.

Cheryne’s approach in fostering more positive personal outcomes is relevant across all walks of life, gender and ages. Her work with breast cancer patients at the Think Pink Foundation Living Centre in Melbourne focuses on assisting a positive journey through their illness and importantly, recognising the needs and providing strategies for their carers. “We love having Cheryne work with our clients” said Sam Schembri, Centre Director. “What she offers is a powerful dose of optimism when people need it most.” Cheryne’s educational programs are designed to provide a positive perspective and direction to young people. She offers tailored presentations to schools focusing on teenagers transitioning through the secondary years, managing social conflict and building resilience for students. Understanding the demands of the educational environment, Cheryne has specially designed programs for teachers too, recognising their needs in a fast changing classroom. “I’ve always reflected on who is supporting our teachers at the frontline with our children. I see many young teens with low self esteem and social conflict with their peers, our teachers are the most important people who can positively affect their lives today” said Cheryne.

In the corporate workplace, Cheryne emphasises collaborative energy as a pathway to a more balanced and healthy environment where employees are supported through the inevitable challenges of change, interpersonal relationships and conflict resolution. Her success as a keynote speaker is how readily people absorb her positive solutions and put in place her compelling strategies to improve all aspects of their lives. Popular presentations include “Burnout Busting Avoiding the 21st Century Syndrome” and “Managing our Emotions in the Midst of Chaos” ranging from 30 minutes of key inspiration to 2 hour presentations and workshops.

Born in South Africa and a childhood in the United States, Cheryne came to Australia in 1994 and pursued her life’s goal of acquiring professional knowledge and greater insight in helping people achieve a positive balance in their lives. A public speaker, life coach and published author, her book “Be Enthused – 52 Weeks of Enthusiasm” encapsulates the diversity of her message and her wellness centre “Contagious Enthusiasm” in Hampton, Victoria provides a destination for face to face services with her multi‐disciplined team. A highly entertaining and captivating speaker, Cheryne Blom’s message of optimism and positive enthusiasm is literally contagious – with a powerful message worth spreading far and wide.



American with Australian citizenship
Located in Melbourne, regularly travels to USA
Mother of three children

Memberships & Associations:
Insights for Womens Forum
International Coaching Federation
Coach & Connect – Victorian Leader 2 yrs
The Coaching Institute
Post Drug & Healing Centre 2008-2009
Owner of Contagious Enthusiasm Wellness Centre

Bachelors Degree in Psychology
Cert IV in Life Coaching
NLP Practitioner
Time Line Practitioner
Key Note Speaker
Meditation Instructor
Tai Chi Gong Instructor

‘Be Enthused, 52 weeks of Enthusiasm’ – 2009

For Teachers/Parents
‘Burnout Busting- Avoiding the 21st Century Syndrome’
‘The 7 Keys to Resilience Training’
‘The Power of Purpose’

For Teens:
'Mentor Me'
‘The Mystery of Me’
‘What Matters Most’

For Women:
‘The Essence of the 21st Century Woman’
‘The Awakened Self’
‘Managing our Emotions in the Midst of Chaos - doing it all and staying sane!’
‘Guided Meditation for Breast Cancer’

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